What if

Fresh scents wake you up in the morning, and relaxing scents wind you down at night.

What if you can have it all today.

Designed for

Everyday mood

Pium allows you to experience a variety of mood-enhancing scents through the day. Match upto 3 fragrance capsules to your daily moments.

Insert, Connect, Enjoy

Fragrance capsule

Simply pop capsules into the Pium device and enjoy. The smart device controls them and tells you when capsules are running low.

Check it out

control and explore fragrances

Pium mobile app

Use the Pium mobile app to control the Pium device and buy more capsules. Current fragrance information and schedule settings are available.

Discover scents for you and build your own library.

Download iOS  Android

Talk to Pium

Enjoy a variety of scents through voice commands

“Hey Google, turn Pium on”
“Alexa, make Pium strong"

Google Home  Amazon Alexa