New feature - Pium works with Google Home

"Okay Google, turn Pium on."

We're very happy to announce that Pium is now connected to Google Home to support voice commands. Here's what you can do using your voice.

- Power
Power on: "Okay Google, turn [device name] on."
Power off: "Okay Google, turn [device name] off."

LED on:  "Okay Google, turn [device name] light on."
LED off: "Okay Google, turn [device name] light off."

- Scent
Scent on (then will be off automatically after 2 hours): "Okay Google, turn [capsule name] on."
Scent off: "Okay Google, stop [device name]."

- Intensity
Increase: "Okay Google, make [device name] strong."
Decrease: "Okay Google, make [device name] weak."

- Routine
You can also add Pium actions with your smart home devices in any routine such as morning, leaving, and night.



- Install Pium app
- Create your account in the Pium app
- Register your Pium device with a preferred name to call.

Google Home App Setting

Install Google Home mobile app.

Image result for google home install

Open Google Home app and touch + button.

Touch a "Set up device" button.

Touch "Works with Google" button.

Search "Pium" and select it.

Put your Pium account info and touch the "Sign in" button.


Set routines

Touch "Routines" button and set Pium actions per routine.