Tech Support - Switch WiFi network

Do you want to use another WiFi network? Alright!

You first remove the device and register it again. Let's go through together.


Remove your registered device.

1. Go to the Setting tab and touch the Device "Setting".

2. Select the device you want to switch WiFi network and touch "Remove this device".


Add your Pium device again.

1. Go to Device Setting and touch "+" button to add your Pium device.

2. Then the app will try to search your Pium around and add it when it's found. Please turn on bluetooth when it's off.

2-1. Fail to search your Pium device? Please push the reset button on the bottom your device for 5 seconds and release it. Make sure the white LED is blinking after you release the button. If not, please hold the reset button again and hold little longer and release.